Monday, November 28, 2005


RESOURCE: Independent Media marketplaces for books, videos sold from new COA News website

COA News just developed a Independent Media Marketplace(IMM) ( ) for books, magazines and videos. You can also sign up to IMM Update to be notified when the IMM (Independent Media Marketplace) has new media products available.

"Coalition of Awareness"


COA News is a Canadian-based is a non-profit online news network featuring diverse, credible independent news organizations. COA News can best be described as the portal to independent news media. The COA is published by:

The Center For Information Awareness.
384 Amberlee Court
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Steve Anderson (steve{@} Managing Editor
Krystle Kingston (krystle{@} Environment Editor
Lindsay Carrocci (lcarrocc{@} Media Editor
Arthur Krebbers: News Editor
News section - news{@}

The Center For Information Awareness(CFIA)is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to world events and situations by proving free access to world reporting and promoting alternative channels of information.

Their initiatives include but are not limited to:

-- Creating open, free community email lists
-- Promoting the independent media through local and international campaigns
-- Creating a venue for independent news organizations to feature their material and thus expose it to new and broader audiences.

We at The Center For Information Awareness know that in order for democracy to function and for powerful structures to be held accountable, citizens need to have access to unfiltered information. A certain degree of transparency is necessary for democracy to work. In providing a space for citizens to communicate freely, we think the powerful will be more accountable to the public.

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