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Who's selling into local markets and how are they doing it?

A key to the sustainability of journalism has always been local advertising.
But now new competitors to the local newspaper -- and to web local startups --
are developing technologies for reaching into the local market and selling
local advertising online.

In Santa Clara, Calif., this week, the Kelsey Group, a Princeton, N.J.-based
consultancy, is running a conference focused not on news or journalism but on
the business of selling local advertising through search engines and other
strategies. "Drilling Down on Local '07" is the name of the event.

The Media Giraffe Project received a free "press pass" to the event with the
expectation we would "blog" about the event. Rather than multiple posts, we've
created an aggregation wiki page from which you can link to some specific


-- bill densmore

Saturday, March 10, 2007


FOLLOWUP: John Moyle talks about the move from anonymity to identity


John Moyle of The Overland Examiner, a local online news blog in a St. Louis, Mo., suburb, in a Sept. 15, 2006, email exchange with Bill Densmore of The Media Giraffe Project:

Recently I decided to really "stick my neck out" over at _the Overland
Examiner_ (http://www.theoverlandexaminer.org) . I posted an article
entitled "_Who is this Guy?_
(http://overlandsailor.blogspot.com/2006/09/who-is-this-guy.html) " where I "outed" myself in both name as well as a picture right before our Sept. 11th, 2006 City Council Meeting. I wanted to make it clear that I stood behind my reporting and that I would not bend to intimidation. Also, since my UMass course requires a blog on their site, and the web address included my real name I figured it was only a matter of time before they learned my identity anyway. I had promoted the website with business cards that included my real name earlier, though people connected to them still choose to refer to me a"Mike". I decided to make sure that I was the one to blame for my work.

Since then the mayor has been on my block twice and one of her supporting Council Members was (according to a neighbor) parked outside my house for 15 minutes or so yesterday afternoon. None of this means anything of course, though I foresee a host of code violation letters in my future.

I went to the Sept. 11th Council Meeting and was surprised that 7 or 8 people came up to me to thank me for what I was doing and ask me to keep it up. A few offered to help as well. One whom I have come to know pretty well said she wanted my address to send a thank you note to my wife for putting up with all of this. She sent the note as well as a check for $100.00 to help support my efforts. I did not have one negative encounter. No one who might have an issue with what I am doing confronted me at that meeting. Also, since the meeting I now seem to have something of an "old lady brigade" as I affectionately (and privately) refer to it. Older residents, mostly women, are calling me, emailing me, faxing me, and even driving to my house to make sure I get whatever information they have come across right away.


BACKGROUND: John Moyle on why he started The Overland Examiner




steering for a brighter future

At the helm of the Overland Examiner is OverlandSailor, just a regular guy
who has decided not to let government corruption continue without a fight.
As an independent thinker and voter, this Radical Centrist cares more about
what is right, then who is on the "right side".

From OverlandSailor: I believe citizenship requires vigilance. Citizenship
maybe something that most of us simply obtain by being born in the right
place, but it is not free. With it comes inherent responsibilities. If we
want a government "of the people, for the people, and by the people" then we
"the people" need to step up and except our role of oversite concerning our
elected officials. Do not simply complain about what is wrong, exercise your
rights and change it. Watch, Learn, Campaign for those you feel will best
lead our community and VOTE! George Jean Nathan once said "Bad officials are
elected by good citizens who do not vote." It could also be said that bad
government is allowed to continue because good people do not act. We all get
the government and the community we deserve.

Edmund Burke was dead on when he said: "All that is necessary for the
triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.". To leave our future to the
politicians alone is to willingly abandon the responsibilities our founding
fathers intended us to fulfill. Ultimately the choose is ours.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Who is this guy?

Recently I decided to return to school. I signed up for a class covering
online journalism at UMass - Amherst and now I am struggling to re-learn how
to be a student. One of the requirements for that class is to have a Blog at
the college. That new Blog for my class has my name on it. Though I have not
made much of an effort to hide my identity (I even put my real name on
business cards I created to promote the site), I have not really "come out"
on this web site. Concealing one's identity online has always been a
recommended safety precaution and one I have followed consistently. However,
there are times when we need to stand behind what we say and do. As you can
see from the top of the left column on this page I have decided to do just
There are those who have cautioned me against revealing myself. They are
concerned for me and I appreciate it. However, being a card carrying member
of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the ACLU, the Institute for Justice,
the NRA, the Investigative Reporters & Editors Association, the National
Newspaper Association, the Online News Association, the Society of
Professional Journalists, and well as the Cato Institute, the New America
Foundation, Common Cause, and a host of smaller groups, I suspect that I
will have more than enough assistance availible to counter anything "they"
might try.
Though some have warned that there are people out there who would seek to
cause me trouble or even harm, I was surprised recently to find out that
such activities are not limited to just one side. Due to a recent false
rumor being spread concerning myself and my motivations I decided the best
way to counter such things is to be up front and open with everyone. There
are those who question my choosing to talk to supporters of their
opposition. For them, all I can say is that real learning requires multiple
sources. If you limit your information flow to one source or another, you
never getting the whole story. That said, one can listen to the devil
without choosing to follow him.
As to the rumor mongers' motivations I have no idea. I suspect they saw this
as an opportunity to gain status with their peers at my expense. Maybe they
are the type of people who do not feel like they are "up" unless they beat
everyone around them "down". I have no idea what their reasoning was as
those who started this rumor never choose to ask me about it first.
Something I would have thought any adult would do. This rumor is of course
false, but I doubt that really bothers them if they got what they were
So, with the prospect of a career change that will require that I be out in
the open, my recent foray into college education, and the actions of rumor
mongers here at home I decided to "out" myself this weekend, before Monday's
Council Meeting (Sept 11th, 2006 - 7:00PM at the Overland Community Center
(9225 Lackland Rd)). This way, anyone who has anything to say to me, be it a
complement, a complaint, or an accusation, can come chat with me before or
after that meeting.
Stealing a concept from one of our Councilmen that I admire you'll find me
at every Overland Event. I'll be the not so good looking guy in the U.S.
Navy Seabee cap.

John Moyle of Overland, Missouri John Moyle
aka: OverlandSailor
(I never said I was pretty)
My name is John Moyle, I have been a resident of Ward 1, Overland for 8
years, and I have been married to my wonderful wife for the same amount of
time. We have a precocious 5 year old daughter whom I am very proud of and
some fantastic relatives and neighbors that live close by.

I have had a rather colorful past full of wonderful experiences. I have
worked in numerous fields and a host of jobs. They paid the bills, but they
fell short of being a personal success. I am a Veteran of the U.S. Navy, and
I though I am sure there are those who would waste the money to check
anyway, I have a clean record with the authorities.

When it comes to politics I have been there, done that and have little faith
in those who want the jobs until proven otherwise. When it comes to my
personal politics and beliefs, well that would be a HUGE post (worse than
this one). If you want to know them, do a web search for "Overland Sailor".
I have used that identity for years and I have debated many, many political
issues on various sites. I am sure you will find many things I have had to
say. However, be advised, as we get older, we get wiser so if you want to
know where I stand on something, feel free to ask me. My opinion on
something may have changed over time. A good place to start (as well as a
great place to discuss issues reasonably) would be the Americas Debate

Several months before the election in April 2006, I started going to the
City Council meetings to help me decide who I was going to vote for. I had
watched Council meetings on Charter cable channel 18 before, but only when I
happened to notice them in the TV listings. For the most part I was
blissfully ignorant of what was going on in Overland other than what I had
heard from my neighbors. However, the more I watched the more I became

After the election I was disappointed. My candidate didn't win. But I was
willing to give the new Mayor a shot. She blew that shot in a manner of days
when she chose to try to remove Chief Herron and City Attorney Herman from
office improperly. But, I thought it was worth a second chance (we all make
mistakes right?). We all know how things have gone since. As a result of her
actions, there is no way I could possibly support the Mayor. She has only
herself to blame for the troubles she faces now and will likely face in the
forseeable future. Unfortunately, those troubles are costing Overland alot
both in our wallets, and our City's reputation.

I been to every meeting that followed the election. As the procedural
violations continued I decided it was time to try to do something. First I
created Overland Speaks Out!, a forum site I designed to be a community
resource that I hoped would open up lines of communication, promote local
businesses, and help get residents engaged in our community. However, from
the beginning the site was dominated by political conversations that
prevented many groups from being willing to get involved. Then, the site
slowly died off in use (though people hit the links list daily). The project
was a failure in my opinion. However, when we learn from our mistakes we
become better for them. Some time in the future you can expect to see a new
site made better by the education I gained from OSO.

Being frustrated with the way most of the sites we have were handling the
issues facing Overland, I decided to take on creating a Blog myself. I have
done a blog or two before, so it was not too complicated to get done. My
mission was to challenge our politician's claims. I choose to combat
rhetoric with research and common sense. This site you are reading right now
is that Blog and it has been a success thus far in my view.
Since my motivations have been questioned I thought I would spell them out.
For starters I have no interest in running for political office ever. My
interest is in becoming a journalist, a member of the "forth estate".
Running for or winning political office would be a major conflict of
interest for me.

I have no desire to lead any local groups. Though I have participated with
some local groups (and I plan to join more as we speak), in order to be as
objective as possible I feel taking on a leadership role of any kind would
make objectivity difficult (and could also be detrimental to those groups at

I believe Overland has the potential to be a real crowning jewel of our
area. It will take a lot of hard work to get there, and it will be a time
investment measured in years, if not decades. To succeed, several issues
need to be addressed. We need better leaders. We need visionaries who can
see the grand Overland of the future in their minds and are willing to work
to get us there. We need more residents to get involved, both in their duty
to monitor their local government as well as becoming active in one or more
of the great organizations we have in our community. Businesses, Residents
and Government working together for Overland's future. A pipe dream?
Perhaps. But a dream I am willing to work my tail off to support.

I have chosen to fund my efforts, both in improving myself as well as the
community at least until 2007. That means that the projects I am working on
have my full attention. My ultimate goal is to create a dynamic site, a
community newspaper, where everyone can go to see what is happening in our
area. Did Ritenour win the football game? What are they building on such and
such corner? Who did the Overland Business Association elect to their board
this time? They said what at the Council Meeting? etc. All the news that
people want. With that would of course come news of what the government is
doing (or not doing), features on local groups and residents, letters to the
editor, my own editorials, columns for others, and profiles as well as
contact information of all the local organizations that are working to make
Overland a better place. This is THE project I have in mind, and this is the
only ambition I have at the moment.

So, for those who would question my motives, my methods, or my identity,
etc, now you know. If you have questions in the future you can always reach
me at overlandsailor@aol.com or you could just come up to me and say hi at
the next local gathering.

posted by Overland Sailor @ 12:50 PM 8 comments links to this post


At 6:28 PM, September 09, 2006, Sam said...
Congratulations,John on your revelations. We residents of Overland
are indeed privileged to have your honest and fair assessment of
Overland events I have known for sometime that your heart is pure and
your motivation comes from a sincere desire to not only restore our
city to its' former glory, but to help us build
a better future. We all must renew our efforts to restore democracy
and integrity to our community before we are swallowed by loss of
vital services and valuable professionals from our city staff.
Overland has suffered a serious loss of prestige as a result of the
unwise and unlawful actions of some of our elected officials. The
situation that we find our city in will require the effort, time and
treasure of each of us if we are to regain integrity and
productiveness in our city government. We have many individuals in
city hall and through out our community who care about this town and
want to protect and preserve what can be salvaged, for us and for
future generations. I have been very impressed by the caliber of the
fine citizens gathering to try to rescue this community. I am very
happy to discover that our "Overland Sailor" already has his shoulder
to the wheel.
Never again will we be inattentive enough to be swayed by promises
such as "free trash". Never did we imagine that the cost would be so
great. My daughter reminds me that "Whenever somebody gets something
for nothin', some one, some where is getting nothin' for somethin'!"
Best wishes to you John, as you traverse academia. It is a difficult
adjustment to put your life and your family on hold while you grind
out a term paper or sweat an exam. I have returned to the hallowed
halls of learning twice during my adult life and enjoyed it immensely
{still can't spell tho}. Hope you will enjoy it too.

At 7:07 PM, September 09, 2006, Anonymous said...
Congrats, now go for it and put your emotions behind you and "be all
that you can be."

At 7:57 PM, September 09, 2006, Nazrudin said...
anon, what did you mean by "put your emotions behind you"?
JM, terrific posting as always. Your writing skills are superb.
I agree with your style and points of view. You're objective,
articulate and well-versed in each topic you bring.
JM, you'd be sharp as an "Opinion Shaper" for the Journal if you
wanted to give them a piece of your mind.
As to the rumors, revenge mentalities and hateful conduct: there are
just some folks who aren't content unless they're in somebody's face.
One very vocal friend recently moved from the next block to an
assisted living home, where she killed herself.
BTW, there will likely be a Halloween party at the CC next month. JM,
your youngster would love it. It's well done and enjoyed by over a
hundred decked-out urchins, who get to take home candy when it's

At 8:20 PM, September 09, 2006, Anonymous said...
It means to be a good writer don't let your emotions and passions for
issues block your objectivity.

At 9:19 AM, September 10, 2006, c3missile said...
Well said John, I knew you were you all the time. Glad you here,
I was getting worried about you.
I had not heard from you in awhile.

At 11:23 AM, September 10, 2006, Overland Sailor said...
Reports of my Demise have been greatly exaggerated. :-)
I am here. However, my education and my research into the "Net
Neutrality" issue on the federal level has taken up a lot of time.
Also, the Mayor and her supporters have been oddly silent since the
ruling against the Mayor at the Preliminary hearing on the sunshine
I will of course be at Monday's City Council Meeting (9/11/06 7PM)and
I will report on the happenings there.
Thanks for the concern though. And thanks for all the positive
feedback thus far. I appreciate it.
Thanks, keeping a lid on your emotions when presenting the facts to
the public is always excellent advice. I do try to approach the
issues from a detached, logical perspective as much as possible, but
everyone slips from time to time.
Also, thanks for the tip about the Halloween party, I hope we are
able to attend.
See you all at Monday's Meeting!

At 1:44 PM, September 11, 2006, Anonymous said...
John you do a great job. Could we adopt you and your family for the
vacant seat in ward three?
Your blog is the only one I have seen that people show respect for
each other.

At 4:56 PM, September 11, 2006, Overland Sailor said...
Though I much appreciate the sentiment (and adoption would be
dependant on the type and volume of coffee available at all times),
even if I lived in Ward 3, I would not run for office.
There are good people there (I know a few), like everywhere else, all
they need is support. That is part of my role as I see it, to support
those who will best serve our community.

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Overland, Missouri has been my adoptive home town for 8 years now. I love
this town. My nieghbors are great, traffic is light, the Ritenour School
district is top notch and we have a wonderfully central location in the St.
Louis region.

Right now though, Overland is in trouble. There was a time when I believed
that at issue was the fact that there were two primary political factions
who could not work together. I felt that they had opposed each other for so
long it had become habitual, where they really didn't even know why they
were acting that way anymore. I was wrong.

Is one side or the other perfect here? Not at all, there is always room for
improvement. However, we have one faction in this town who has shown time
and time again that they will do what they want to do that best serves their
interests and the interests of their friends no matter what. No Law,
Statute, Code, Ordinance or Ethical Standard will stand in their way.

I thought compromise was the solution, however now I see that it is actually
Viligence. We have several council members willing to stand up and fight for
what is right, regardless of the dirty tricks and outright lies thrown
against them. These Council members are willing to go to the mat for what is
right for the residents. Now it is time for the Residents to got to the mat
for them, and for those who would support them.

The Mayor, and those who call themselves the "Overland Recovery Team" have
made Overland a laughing stock in the eyes of our neighbors. They have
already cost the city thousands in unnecessary litigation fees and everyday
we learn of new pending lawsuits due to the callous disregard for the law
and ethics. At the rate they are going, the ORT will go down in history.
They will be remembered as the "Overland Ruination Team", the people who
sacrificed Overland's promising future on their altar of self-interest.

Overland Residents, in less than a year it will be time to return to the
polls. It will be time to decide who to support as the new leadership of our
home. You have to ask yourself: Do you want a city run by liars, law
breakers, and dirty trick masters? Or do you what a City run by people
willing to work within the Law, who will run the City in an ethical manor
with an eye on the City's future, rather than their own wallets and egos.

Ultimately, the choice will be ours to make. We all get the government we
deserve. I know we deserve far better then we have. I hope that you all
realize this as well. I want foward thinkers, not audio tape tinkers. I want
honest statesmen, not forgers and highwayman. I sincerely hope, that you all
want the same.

"Every government degenerates
when trusted to the rulers of the
people alone. The people
themselves, therefore, are
its only safe depositories."
Thomas Jefferson

The only way things will get better is if WE work hard for it. Citizenship,
as envisioned by our founding fathers is hard work.

"If ever time should come, when
vain and aspiring men shall
possess the highest seats in,
Government, our country will
stand in need of it's
experienced Patriots to
prevent it's ruin."
Samuel Adams

"Politics is the art of
looking for trouble, finding it
whether it exists or not,
diagnosing it incorrectly,
& applying the wrong remedy."
Ernest Benn

"Politicians are like diapers.
They both need changing regularly
and for the same reason."

An honest man can feels
no pleasure in the exercise of
power over his fellow citizens.
Thomas Jefferson

"There's no trick to being
a humorist when you have
the whole government
working for you."
Will Rogers

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Baristanet co-founder claims Newark daily fails to take notice at its peril

The co-founder of an Upper Montclair, N.J., local online news blog quotes a survey colleague as saying the Newark, N.J., daily fails to take notice of the blog site's news at its peril. Here's the text of an email Liz
George sent to the Media Giraffe Project on Feb. 1, 2006:

Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007 13:07:26 -0500
From: Liz George
Subject: Baristanet eats newspapers for
lunch; Baristanet breaks new placeblogging ground

This week, Survey USA, a national polling organization that happens to be in our readership area, conducted three local telephone polls for us using the voice of Baristanet co-owner
Liz George (
liz@baristanet.com ) . We released the results of first poll yesterday: we found 4 to 1 opposition to a Glen Ridge N.J. bond ordinance to artificially turf a public park. (Not just an
athletic field, an entire park.)

The poll also allowed respondents to record open-ended answers, which elicited many very moving pleas from senior citizens being pushed out of the community by ever-increasing taxes, which we compiled into an audio story here. Interestingly, the Star Ledger, which wrote about the Glen Ridge turf issue this morning, failed to mention the poll -- even though Baristanet co-owner Debbie Galant, debbie@baristanet.com personally sent the link to writer Phil Read. We wrote about this omission here.

"This is the reason the Star Ledger is having their lunch eaten," says SurveyUSA's Jay Leve (jleve@surveyusa.com ) "The future is being invented at this blog. They're producing the future of the democratic process. The old media can't get out of its own way. The fact that the Star Ledger is paying no attention is the reason we can build its tombstone."

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