Friday, December 16, 2005


CITIZEN JOURNALISM: NPR roundtable discussion about Current.TV

Four experts on Citizen Journalism were gathered by NPR reporter Neal
Conan for an Aug. 2, 2005 "Talk of the Nation" discussion. Click to the
original URL to launch the streaming audio of the discussion.


Media: Citizen Journalism on Al Gore's Current Network

By Neal Conan
National Public Radio

Talk of the Nation, August 2, 2005 ยท Al Gore's new cable network Current
features video produced by young, non-journalists to provide voices from
outside the mainstream media. But inside the mainstream, professional
journalists debate its value. Join Neal Conan and guests for the pros and
cons of citizen journalism.


Marc Glaser, columnist at the Online Journalism Review
Vin Crosbie, president and managing partner of Digital Deliverance
John Temple, managing editor of the Rocky Mountain News
Kyle MacRae, managing director and founder of Scoopt

Neal Conan bio:

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