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VIDEO: How is podcasting affecting journalism and the media?


Duke University hosted Sept. 27-28, 2005 an academic symposium on podcasting. The two-day event featured a hands-on podcasting workshop, as well as panel discussions of the economic/business, legal, political, journalistic, and cultural impacts of podcasting by bringing together prominent members of the podcasting community with policymakers, scholars, and media experts.

The proceeds are webcasted from:

A specific panel on the effect of podcasting on journalism and
the media was held Wednesday, September 28, 2005


1:30 - 2:50 PM Journalism & the Media Panel Discussion
F-CIEMAS Auditorium

The panel will consist of brief participant introductions followed by four 12-minute position papers from the panelists and conclude with a 30-minute moderated discussion.

Moderator: John Biewen, American RadioWorks and Duke University Center for
Documentary Studies

. Michele Hilmes, Department of Communication Arts, University of
Wisconsin - Madison

. Tony Kahn , Special Correspondent & Alternate Anchor, The World

. Sasha Norkin, Department of Journalism, Boston University

. Kenneth Rogerson, DeWitt Wallace Center for Media & Democracy, Duke

Information for Presenters
Information Science + Information Studies at Duke University
Box 90400 · 018 John Hope Franklin Center · Durham, NC 27708-0400
(919)668-1934 · (919)684-8749 fax ·

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