Wednesday, May 31, 2006


QUOTE: Brian Tierney on the market position of newspapers -- from AdAge

Assessing the Potential of Newspapers

Be Part of the News

> BACKGROUND: Philadelphia public-relations and advertising mogul Brian P.
> Tierney, who organized the investment group that is paying more than
> $562 million to acquire the "Philadelphia Inquirer" and "Philadelphia
> Daily News," marked his victory last week by publicly celebrating the
> potential of the newspapers. "I learned you can't buy around the
> newspapers," he said. "I always thought that they were leaving a lot of
> money on the table." Mr. Tierney noted that with daily newspapers "you
> can have a great business with [readers] over 25 or 30." Overall, the
> executive, who previously built Philadelphia's most prominent ad agency
> -- Tierney Communications -- and then sold it to Interpublic Group of
> Cos., painted a rosy picture for the future of newspapers and predicted
> that he can turn these two around. Do you think he can?

> THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: Brian Tierney thinks newspapers have a bright
> future. Is he right?

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