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EDUCATION: British duo launches international web-based PDF paper for kids over 9
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A new international newspaper called Newsademic targeting younger readers (from
age 9 onwards) has been launched. The objective of the paper is to be a source
of information "for younger people who are keen to begin to understand what.s
going on around them and to make sense of the world they are growing up in."

Newsademic is the brainchild of Stephen Bradly a co-owner of Ltd.
a project specific web site design and hosting company. The editor is Susan

Susan Elkin is a regular contributor to The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph
on education issues. She also writes for The Stage and a wide range of
magazines and has written several books. She taught in five schools and three
counties in England, most recently at Benenden School, Kent from 1993-2004.

The paper includes at least twenty articles on international events, book and
film reviews, a prize competition and a Sudoku puzzle and is distributed via
email as a printable file every two weeks. It is offered on a subscription

Articles cover economics, international politics, science and the environment.
The paper does not cover television, pop music, celebrities or sport, unless
there is a significant international news story related to any of these topics,
and nor does it carry advertisements.

Editor of Newsademic, Susan Elkin, said the following about the new paper:
"Currently most children have a very limited understanding of world events and
no time is allotted within the school timetable to cover them so I.m thrilled
to be helping to put that right." Ms. Elkin also believes the paper will be a
good learning tool for people learning English because it uses "straightforward

For additional information please contact Stephen Bradly on 07989345685 or
Susan Elkin 01795 423708.


Newsademic is a newspaper for young readers and anyone studying English as a
foreign language. Its aim is to educate and inform them about current
international news stories.

The newspaper is distributed by e-mail every fortnight. It can be read on
screen but has been designed to be printed out and read as a paper copy.

It is carefully written and edited for young people and English language
students. It does not carry advertising. Neither does it feature articles about
television, sport, computer games, pop music or celebrity culture. The focus is
on fortnightly international news events which shape and affect the world that
we live in today.

Newsademic has no political or ideological bias. Stories are reported factually
and every attempt is made to feature both sides of any situation in which
opinions differ.

Q: Can I advertise in newsademic?

A: No, current Newsademic policy is to not display any third party
advertisements. You may however E-mail and ask us to keep
your details on record in the event that we change this policy in the future.


"Newsademic has two aims. First, we want to inform young readers about
international world happenings. Second, we are a useful study aid for anyone,
anywhere, learning English as a foreign language (EFL).

"It's fun to read as well as educational. Our editorial style and the choice of
Newsademic's content make sure of that. So does the inclusion of a prize
competition which doubles as a glossary on words used in that Issue's news
stories. And we have a review or two, of a worthwhile book, film, CD or other
work in each issue too.

"I spent many years teaching English. And I've always been conscious that
schools offer few opportunities for pupils to acquire and develop an
intelligent interest in international news, although it's a key part of
citizenship education.

"So that's the point and purpose of Newsademic. Easy to read, it gives
schools, pupils, families, young readers a stepping stone to adult news media.
And for EFL students it offers regular, topical reading material in
straightforward English.

"Of course we don't claim to have got everything right and we want to improve
and innovate as we go along. So please send me your suggestions, views - and
even praise, if you think it's due."


Newsademic is a subscription-based, fortnightly publication. It is distributed
as a printable file (in PDF format) to each subscriber.s E-mail address.

You may choose a subscription for 26 or 52 issues. We ask subscribers to
complete a simple registration procedure and pay by credit card, PayPal account
or posted cheque. (Only UK residents may pay by cheque.)

After we have processed your payment you will receive an E-mail confirming your
user name and password. You will also receive a free copy of the latest issue
of Newsademic.

Your subscription is then active. A copy of Newsademic will be sent to you by
E-mail on alternate Friday mornings until your subscription expires.

Although it can be viewed on screen, Newsademic is designed to be read from the
printed page.

Your password enables you to log into Newsademic and to access all previous
issues. You can also enter each issue.s glossary prize competition and amend
your contact details including your password and E-mail address.

Also displayed is a reducing total. It indicates the number of copies due to
you before expiry of your subscripton.

We will warn you by E-mail of your approaching subscription expiry two weeks in
advance and tell you how to extend it.

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