Wednesday, December 21, 2005


RESOURCE: Cambridge, Mass.-based group aggregates "best of" topical blog feeds

A Cambridge, Mass.-based startup has launched a website which uses RSS
syndication to gather what it hopes will be the "10-best" websites on a
given topic, updated daily.


Web Surfers Find New Online Destination For Information

Tuesday December 6, 2:07 pm ET Enables Users to Quickly and Easily View The Best Blogs
and News Sources Organized By Topics of Interest, All in One Location

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 6, 2005--Top 10 Sources today
announced the launching and immediate availability of a new online
destination for news and information.

The site searches through traditional media sites, blogs and other sources
of online content to find the ten best Internet sites for a particular
topic. With its compilation of top ten lists, Top 10 Sources organizes the
disparate sources of Internet fashion that makes it easy for novice
Internet users to quickly find information and view it in a fresh, new
site with the company's aggregation technology. In addition, the site does
not require visitors to download any software or sign up for a service.

"Top 10 Sources is about adding a human element to searching and sorting
through the increasingly great syndicated content on the Web," said John
Palfrey, founder and publisher of Top 10 Sources. "Much like Yahoo!
brought a hierarchy to the early days of the commercial Internet with its
browser, Top 10 Sources organizes information in blogs, podcasts, wikis,
photoblogs and other sources into 'reading lists.' The goal is to foster
an active conversation among readers, authors and editors that is about,
and results in, great online content with context."

To celebrate the launch of the site, two guest editors will be featured,
Dan Bricklin and Irina Slutsky, two noted technology thinkers sharing
their unique insights. Every day new "reading lists" will be added to the
site on topics of the editors' choice. Past lists are organized into
categories enabling visitors to intuitively sort through the archives to
find past additions. Said Palfrey, "With more than 20 million blogs and 48
thousand more added each day, we thought it would be useful to list the
best we can find in one, easy to use location to help surfers get exactly
what they need."

Added Palfrey, "With new technologies like RSS making it easier to create,
distribute and receive up to the minute news, we are undergoing a sea
change in who has a creative voice in the news process. Unfortunately,
with all these voices speaking to us it is harder to sort through them to
determine who is saying what. Before now, one of the primary roles of
mainstream media was to act as a sorting mechanism for the daily news to
help inform and educate the average consumer, but the success of bloggers
and podcasters and others who syndicate their content demonstrates that
individuals are just as able to collect, comment on and disseminate news -
and in many cases do it better. With this new dynamic of news distribution
- and technologies like RSS and OPML that make it so simple to access -
consumers need a new method to organize the news they receive,
incorporating the new voices of the Web to fully benefit from the
information available to them. They need one source that regularly listens
to all the voices on the Internet and organizes them by topic. That is why
we created Top 10 Sources."

About Top 10 Sources

Top 10 Sources is the first Internet destination to capture content from
blogs, traditional news sources and other online sources to provide
visitors with easily accessible information organized by topic. With more
than 20 million blogs and other syndicated sources on the Internet,
identifying the best sources of information can be a daunting task for
novice and sophisticated Internet users alike. Top 10 Sources greatly
simplifies the process with groups of links to a particular topic
presented daily in a list of the ten best sources culled from the
Internet. An intuitive directory makes it easy for visitors to sort
through the history of daily sources to find information from a wide range
of topics and themes including Business, Fashion, Entertainment, Food,
Health, Politics, Sports, Shopping, and Technology. For more information
visit Top 10 Sources at

Racepoint Group
Kelby Troutman, 781-487-4610

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