Wednesday, February 15, 2006


NEWSPAPERS: INMA consultant completes study of 20+ free dailies

Posted for: By EArl J. Wilkinson

HEADLINE: "Free and Lite Newspapers: The Answer For A New Generation"

Stand-alone free dailies and brand-extending "lite" dailies are sources of intense examination by newspaper publishers. Are the business models viable? What are their objectives? How are they unique? Do they really attract young adult professionals?

To answer these questions, INMA focuses its lens on the subject with a new report titled "Free and 'Lite' Newspapers: The Answer For a New Generation?" I recommend the new report for anyone looking at alternative business models, how to reach young adults, or using these new products to repair weaknesses in your circulation patterns.

To order the report and for more information, click here:

The 18,000-word report by INMA Project Manager James Khattak takes a snapshot look at 20+ free and lite newspapers, explains their rationale, and focuses in on what makes them unique. As someone who has followed the free commuter newspaper phenomenon since the mid-1990s, what is interesting to me is how the free daily concept is morphing from editorial, distribution, and advertising perspectives. The "lite" newspapers, meanwhile, seem to be "plugging holes" in traditional newspapers' circulation strategy - and represent a viable business model on its own.

"Free and 'Lite' Newspapers: The Answer For a New Generation?" will be of high interest to INMA members and senior newspaper executives wanting to keep track of the fast-moving developments among free newspapers.

Earl J. Wilkinson
Executive Director

I think you should at least write a post about INMA and why you are a member and promote INMA membership to people in the newspaper business if you are going to post articles from their website that normally is for INMA-members only. So, promote INMA on your blog, please!
OK, you are right Bill. I should just post a comment on what INMA is instead of blaming you for not doing so. Sorry. :)

HERE we go on INMA:

HERE we go on becoming a :) member:
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