Tuesday, December 06, 2005


COPYRIGHT: NYU's Brennan Center studies "fair use" legal status

Marjorie Heins <heinsm@juris.law.nyu.edu> reports that The Brennan Center's Free Expression Policy Project has just published "Will Fair Use Survive? Free Expression in the Age of Copyright Control" - http://www.fepproject.org/policyreports/WillFairUseSurvive.pdf

The result of more than a year of research -- including many firsthand stories from artists, historians, Web bloggers, and others -- "Will Fair Use Survive?" documents how the rights to fair use and free expression are being threatened today. The report includes six recommendations for change. Documentary filmmaker of "Hoop Dreams," Gordon Quinn, proclaims that the report "is part of a wider movement to educate people about fair use, and it's going to help us users organize and reassert the right to fair use."

For a quick overview of the report and the issues, see http://www.fepproject.org/policyreports/fairuseflyer.html

For all of the endorsements, see http://www.fepproject.org/policyreports/Endorsementsfairuse.pdf

Brennan Center for Justice
Free Expression Policy Project
161 Avenue of the Americas, 12th fl.
New York, NY 10013
212 992-8847

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